Korean Pupu Tofu With Soy Dipping Sauce

I was very fortunate for 21 years, to work right next door to a wonderful Japanese department store who had an entire floor dedicated to food!! Not a day went by that you did not see customers with our employee name tags still on their chest shopping for their favorite lunches.I first tasted this at one of their counters that specialized in Korean foods. I was intrigued, having never seen tofu prepared like this, but am glad that I tried Korean Pupu Tofu with Soy dipping sauce.

Provided by: Deirdre K Todd

Categories: Appetizer Side Dish

Time: 40 min

Yield: 4 servings

Number Of Ingredients: 12



Prep Time

26 mins

Cook Time

2:10 hours

Total Time

2:35 hours

1 (20 oz.) blk firm tofu, drained
Flour as needed
3 large eggs, beaten
oil as needed
dried bonito flakes
2/3 C. Aloha shoyu
2 TB rice wine vinegar
2 TB sugar
2 tsp. chili garlic paste
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 stalks green onion, chopped
1 quarter ginger, peeled minced
Slice tofu in half, then slice each half into 1/3 to ½-inch thick slices.
Drain well.
Pat with paper towels to absorb excess liquid.
In a mixing bowl; combine sauce ingredients.
In separate shallow dishes; place flour and eggs.
Dredge tofu slices in flour then dip into egg.
In a skillet over medium high heat; fry tofu slices 1 minute on each side.
How To Serve:
For service: spoon sauce onto tofu.
Sprinkle with bonito flakes.
Serves 4-6.