Chinese Bacon Rice

Chinese Bacon Rice is delicious and easy to make. We always keep Chinese Bacon (also called Lap Yuk or Chinese Cured Pork Belly) in the freezer. Just slice off a piece and cook with rice in the rice cooker. Slice, mix, and eat! Rich and flavorful.

Provided by: Onolicious Hawaii

Categories: Hawaii Recipes

Time: 35 min

Yield: 2 servings

Number Of Ingredients: 2



Prep Time

49 mins

Cook Time

1:45 hours

Total Time

1:34 hours

1 cup rice*
6-inch strip of Chinese Bacon (also called Lap Yuk or Chinese Cured Pork Belly)
Rinse the rice several times in water until the water runs almost clear (I like to rinse it directly in the rice cooker pot). Fill the pot with water up to the “1 cup rice” line.
Rinse the piece of Chinese bacon under running water for a few seconds. Gently place the Chinese bacon on top of the rice. Do not press the Chinese bacon into the rice, just lay it on top.
Cook the rice as you would normally cook rice in the rice cooker (there should be an automatic setting). Once it’s finished, both the rice and Chinese bacon is ready to eat!
Remove the Chinese bacon from the rice cooker (be careful, it will be hot). Place it on a cutting board. Then slice the Chinese bacon into thin quarter-inch pieces.
Place the sliced Chinese bacon back into the rice cooker. Use a rice paddle to mix the cooked rice and Chinese bacon together.
Spoon into individual bowls. Eat and enjoy!