Huckleberry Milkshake

My husband and daughter are crazy for huckleberries! We have many huckleberry bushes in our back yard, and although tedious, I try to pick and freeze as many as I can in the fall. I make hand pies and jam, but they look forward to these milkshakes the most!

Provided by: Chef Potpie (Laurel) @ChefPotpie

Categories: Ice Cream Drinks

Time: 5 min

Yield: 2 servings

Number Of Ingredients: 3



Prep Time

57 mins

Cook Time

1:40 hours

Total Time

2:59 hours

2 cup(s) vanilla ice cream
1 cup(s) huckleberries, fresh or frozen
1/3 cup(s) whole milk
Place all ingredients in a blender and whirl until pureed and smooth.
Pour into glass and enjoy!