Coconut Rum Sunrise Cocktail

Coconut Rum Sunrise Cocktail is a gorgeous layered cocktail that contains cream of coconut, orange juice, Malibu rum, and grenadine. This cocktail is so delicious and very easy to make!

Provided by: Jan Nunes

Categories: Drinks

Time: 5 min

Yield: 1 serving

Number Of Ingredients: 6



Prep Time

55 mins

Cook Time

1:58 hours

Total Time

1:40 hours

2 Ounces Cream of Coconut
Crushed Ice
2 Ounces Malibu Coconut Rum
4 Ounces Orange Juice
1 1/2 Ounces Grenadine Syrup
Slice of an Orange and/or Maraschino Cherries
Squeeze the cream of coconut into the bottom of a 16-ounce glass to make the white layer of the cocktail. Gently fill the glass with crushed ice. Do not mix or stir the cream of coconut with the crushed ice.
Mix Malibu coconut rum and orange juice together and pour over the crushed ice.
Add the grenadine syrup in a slow steady stream. The grenadine syrup will fall to the bottom of the glass and rest on top of the cream of coconut to make the red layer of the cocktail. Do not stir!
Garnish the drink with a slice of an orange or with marashino cherries and add a straw.